Our original four boys came from Ardo Alpacas in Aberdeenshire. We are not alpaca breeders and have our boys purely as pets. Our experience is that you don't need to be a breeder and that a 'batchelor herd' can give much pleasure to the owner. We have 5 acres including our big garden and grazing for the boys, 15 miles north of Inverness, Scotland. I spin, knit, felt and crochet with the fleece from the boys.


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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Visitors out for a spin.

Black (Wee Eck) and white (Fergus) with heads only inches apart - a very unusual sight here as Fergus does not get on at all with Eck!  Perhaps it was the nice grass or something but normally if Eck comes anywhere near Fergus then Fergus starts snorting and spitting in the air.  Fergus doesn't realise that Eck is deaf and apt to crash around the herd taking no notice of audible or visual warnings from the others!
We had a lovely visit early in the week from Tooty (in the green) and her sister Freda.  The ladies are very interested in spinning and the boys made them very welcome.  Freda lives on her croft on the west coast and we've tried to convince her that the local scenery would be greatly enhanced by a few 'pacas!  We look forward to news of success with spinning alpaca fleece.
Visitors mean carrots so the boys are all very approachable.  Fergus in the foreground likes to demonstrate his highland dancing steps in the hope that he'll get extra rations!
We've had lots of rain again this week and Fidget decided he would stay out in it, day and night then have a mega- rolling session.  Just to remind you that he is a solid white boy............  Good job the shearer isn't due for another couple of weeks!
Gully (left) and Wee Eck.   We penned the boys so that we could spray some anti-mite oil on some feet, clipped a few nails and cut off some of Gully's fringe as he was having difficulty seeing, especially when the fringe is wet and plastered over his eyes!
And finally...............the Laburnum tree is in full blossom this week and giving off a heady scent.  We've seen an increase in honey bees already this year, so after a couple of years of hardly seeing any, thats a good sign for the summer.

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