Our original four boys came from Ardo Alpacas in Aberdeenshire. We are not alpaca breeders and have our boys purely as pets. Our experience is that you don't need to be a breeder and that a 'batchelor herd' can give much pleasure to the owner. We have 5 acres including our big garden and grazing for the boys, 15 miles north of Inverness, Scotland. I spin, knit, felt and crochet with the fleece from the boys.


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Sunday, 3 November 2019

A frosty night.

Midweek and the overnight temperature had dropped to minus 5 degrees. It was the coldest night of the winter so far and after a hesitant start the boys started to emerge from  the field shelter.  Fergus, wasn't too impressed by the outside  temperature!
For the first time this winter we have started giving the boys a handful of haylage first thing in the morning and last thing at night/  Faro (left) and Fyta are enjoying their breakfast!
Eventually, Fergus emerges into the sunlight and frost to enjoy some haylage, like the other two boys!
Later in the morning the boys enjoy their carrots and Swede (turnip) mix. They love to crunch their way through these veg.
Faro surveys his territory on a frosty morning.  We are pleased with the way Faro is eating his feed these days, he clears his dish almost daily - that's a far cry from his worrying, 'picky' eating habits in the past.
Fergus (left) and Fyta at the other field shelters, enjoying the clear, frosty morning and autumnal/winter colours.
And finally....... the Gunnera took a severe hit with the frost.  The leaves were beginning to wilt after the summer but the overnight frost killed them off completely and the Grumpy Gardener, on the following morning, cut them all back and used them as over-wintering protection for the crowns of the plant.  The crowns will stay covered now until late Sporing, 2020.

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