Our original four boys came from Ardo Alpacas in Aberdeenshire. We are not alpaca breeders and have our boys purely as pets. Our experience is that you don't need to be a breeder and that a 'batchelor herd' can give much pleasure to the owner. We have 5 acres including our big garden and grazing for the boys, 15 miles north of Inverness, Scotland. I spin, knit, felt and crochet with the fleece from the boys.


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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

So where's the shearer then?

Not too much happening here over the past few days, except that the temperature is going up, so thats welcome.  The boys are all fleeced up and all the water trays have been deployed now. Just a few more weeks before James Dixon arrives.  Whilst everyone else's blogs show expectant owners all over the place on tenderhooks as they await their cria, we have none of that here of course with our 6 gelded boys!  So we'll show you a few pics taken recently.  This is Fidget, one of our original boys and now nearly 4 years old.  A bit of a bruiser is Fidget who guards jealously his food and personal space, but he's a lovely chap all the same.
Gully is our deaf boy, a lovely fella and coming up for 3 years of age.  We've had him for almost a year and he has settled down well within the herd with his pal Gaucho.

And this is Gaucho in front of the field shelter in the bottom paddock.  He's slightly older than Gully and arrived with him.  The pair are really good pals and are always chasing each other and neck wrestling.

It's that pesky hen pheasant again!  Fyta and Faro saw the bird landing in the paddock and chased it into the corner.  They didn't touch the bird, just watched what it was doing before it escaped (again) through the fencing!


  1. Loved the pictures of the boys! They are so pretty. It's funny how they become territorial over their paddocks! ...debbie

  2. I must not complain about the heat !...but I have had to use the sun cream !....the alpacas have been sunbathing ! for a change..........Jayne

  3. Nice to meet your boys and catch up on your visit to Jayne. Dave.